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The toolkit is organized into three phases: Intention, Readiness, Selection & Implementation.  In each of these sections, we have suggested activities for your team to use to really understand your data system needs, to find and hire a data system provider that meets your needs, and to successfully implement the new data system. While each of the activities can stand on its own, you will wan to start Making Wise Decisions from the beginning.  Taking the time to really understand your organizational learning culture, the types of data and reporting that you want in the new system, to thoroughly vet a data system provider, and to plan carefully for implementation will make a significant difference difference.

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We hope that you will self-assess by taking the quiz before downloading the toolkit! However, we know that some of you are consultants or work in philanthropy who would like to learn from or leverage the toolkit in your own work; and others just can’t wait to use the toolkit.  The link below will take you to our sign-up form and directly email you the toolkit.

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Why do I have to share an email address to access Making Wise Decisions?

We ask for emails three reasons:

1. We want to connect with you briefly after you’ve had the chance to use the toolkit. Your input helps us to make these resources even better!

2. We want to share new resources that can support you in your data system selection and implementation journey. This could include webinars, updates to the toolkit, and other helpful resources.

3. To keep Making Wise Decisions free, we need to report to our funders about how many people are accessing the resources, and from what kinds of organizations. We will never share or sell your contact information, or use your email to spam you.