The resources below should help you learn more about the toolkit, and how to use it.

Reporting tools: maybe you don’t need a new data system!

Listen to Gregor Thomas of Project Evident and Betsy Block of B3 Consults walk you through a potentially more cost-effective option for optimizing your data systems instead of looking for a new one: reporting tools!

Map your Journey – a quick “how to”

“Map your Journey” is an alternate way to create workflows that is built on user-centered design.  Making Wise Decisions toolkit co-author Betsy Block walks you through our simplified version of this human-centered design concept to super-charge your Making Wise Decisions toolkit process designed for the less-technical among us.

Did you miss our webinar on the new Journey Map section?

A recorded live 60  minute webinar that gives a summary of the new section “Map the Journey” – how to use journey mapping in support of your Making Wise Decisions process.

Enjoy our Coffee Break Webinar from 2/7/2018 with an introduction to the toolkit

A recorded live thirty minute webinar that gives a full overview of the toolkit.

Map Your Data – a quick “how to”

The first step in “Map Your Data” is to catalog your systems. Sound intimidating? Complicated? Don’t worry. Making Wise Decisions toolkit co-author Betsy Block gives a few pointers to help you get started.